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The site of a basement that has turned into an indoor pool is overwhelming. Where and how do you even start with the flood damage cleanup? Until the incoming water has been stopped, there isn’t much sense in starting the cleaning. You can however remove all items that are still dry.

Next, stop the water! If it is from a broken pipe, shut off the main valve and call an emergency plumber. If the recent storms that moved through Franklin, Norfolk, Bellingham, Milford and surrounding towns were the cause of the water in your basement, then you can assume that no new water will enter, for now. Do however hire experts to improve the drainage around your home, and to fix the leaks in your foundation walls. You don’t want to have to bail out your basement after every storm!


I highly recommend calling a flood cleanup company. Why? Because they have the tools, equipment and the know-how to make sure that you will not have mold in Saugus growing as a result of flood damage that was not cleaned up completely and correctly. Cleaning a basement after a flood involves many steps.

Furniture should be relocated to dry areas as much as possible. If furniture cannot be moved to an adjacent area, then the flood cleanup company staff can work around the furniture and can dry  and clean it in place.

Obviously wet items, including carpeting, padding, wood flooring, drywall, insulation must be removed.
A preliminary cleaning of the basement, and disposal of all the items that were ripped out because they got water logged is next. This might require a truck or dumpster.

Special tools allow testing for hidden moisture behind walls. If necessary, additional drywall and insulation must be removed to expose any wet underlying structural components.

The entire area must be thoroughly dried out over a period of 48-72 hrs, or longer. This is achieved with high-volume fans that are set up to create a strong air movement. The flood damage clean up company might also set up heaters or dehumidifiers, depending on the weather conditions and on your specific situation.

Walls and floors will be re-checked after the 48-72 hrs to make sure that no more moisture is present in wood studs, drywall, flooring.

Now the basement can be thoroughly cleaned so the repair contractor can install new drywall, insulation, padding, carpeting and flooring.

As you can see, flood damage cleanup is an involved process and it must be done correctly to restore your basement and to prevent mold growth later on.

Mold is Dangerous: Flood Restoration and Why You Should Act Quickly in Saugus