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Experiencing water damage at home can be costly, especially if you have to renovate a wide area affected by it. Luckily, you can do a few things to make your renovation efforts more cost-effective. Below are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

1. Trace the Source of the Leak

First, you have to trace the source of the leak. This is important to figure out what to do with the damaged area. If the leak is coming from a pipe, then you have to address the pipe leak first before you do any other work. If the source of the leak is below-ground water, then you need to use a sump pump to get rid of the water. You should also check for any drain clogging or leaks.

2. Dry the Affected Area as Quickly as Possible

Before you start any work, it is important to dry the affected area as quickly as possible to prevent mold. You have to consider this because mold damage can be even harder to repair than water damage in Canyon Country. To dry your affected area, you need to use fans and dehumidifiers. You also have to open any windows, if possible.

3. Clean the Area

When the area is completely dry, you can start cleaning up the area. This is important because you have to get rid of any dirt or organisms that may be there. You can use antibacterial cleaners on the surface or use a high-power washer to clean the area.

The last thing you need to do is to change the furniture or floor covering. Doing so as soon as possible helps you prevent any chances of mold growth.

4. Check for Any Signs of Mold

It is also important to check for any signs of mold. As mentioned earlier, cleaning up the area as quickly as possible is important because it prevents mold damage. However, if the water affects your home for a long time or the affected area is wide, it is possible that there are patches of mold.

If you find any sign of mold, you need to get rid of it immediately before it spreads. You can do this by using bleach or a mold-killing spray.

5. Hire for a Plumbing Inspection

If the leak comes from a pipe, you need to address it properly. You have to hire a plumbing inspector to check the pipe and find out the reason why it cracked. If the problem is a simple plumbing repair, then you can do it yourself. You may have to change or renovate the pipe, but doing so can be cheaper than having to hire a plumber every time there is a leak. However, if the problem is more complicated, then you have to hire a professional.

6. Contact Your Insurance Company

Finally, it is important to contact your insurance company when the work is done. This is to inform them that the damage coverage is ready. This is important because you don’t want to spend money on something covered by your insurance.