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Drinking water is good for our health but it is not good for your house. If your house is flooded by the water from the burst of pipe, toilet tank, rains, water from refrigerator, overflowing gutter, overflowing basement or any other such situation then you should take following measures to prevent from further damage to your home:

Turn off Electricity to the House

First and most important is turn off electricity to the house to avoid any disaster and if you have to stand in water for turning the electricity off then call an electrician. Unplug all the electronics from the sockets. Moreover, remove them from the damaged area if removable. 

Look for the Source of the Water Leakage

 Secondly, look for the source of the water leakage and shut it off or try to minimize it. If you cannot find the source of leak yourself then better call a restoration company. If it’s a pipe burst then shut the main source of water and call a plumber. Take out as much water as you can and dry the floors. Dry only as much as you and leave the major work for a professional.

Remove Wet Items

Third, Remove wet carpets, furniture and other valuable items from the damaged area. If your furniture is not removable, place foil underneath the sofas to prevent from stains on the floor or carpet and fold up your frills and curtains so that they are not in touch with the surface of the water.

Clear Water from Damage Area

Remove the water from the area using a vacuum cleaner, cloth or a mop. The professional will help you with the removal of water but the more timely action take will cause in less damage to your home and belongings.

Open Windows

Open the windows and doors if you can to let fresh air in. If that is not possible, place fans in the affected area and turn them on full speed.

Call water damage in Valencia Company

After that, call a restoration company if you feel the damage is massive. You can only dry out the wet floors, carpets and your furniture but to avoid mold growth, you need a professional to take care of your damaged area. After calling the restoration company, call your insurance company and file for a claim if covered. 

Pictures of the Damaged Area

Lastly, Take pictures of the damaged areas, as it will help you and the insurance company while the claim process is going on. Also, Document all the area damaged by water, furniture and electronics so that you can claim them afterward.

Take immediate action after you discover the water flooding. Stay calm and be very careful when handling electronics or circuits during flooding. The sooner you take action the less damage will cause by water to your home. In addition, DO NOT ignore the leaks and cracks in the foundation as they will not only damage your foundation but will also support mold growth. 

It is better to have a professional look for any possible places for the mold growth because the mold starts to grow after 24 to 48 hours of exposure to moisture. Moreover, you should call the water damage in Valencia company and have your damaged area thoroughly checked out.