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While mold is not harmful at all as it participates in the decomposition of dead organisms and other aspects of the environment, the problem happens when it enters your house and damages it.

Water damage is the leading cause of mold growth in many homes. According to insurance industry research, 98% of US basements will experience some type of water damage in Newhall , while about 14,000 Americans suffer water damage emergencies at home or work each day.

Once molds enter and penetrate your home, its population can start growing in just 24 hours. It’s only then a matter of time before they cause permanent damage to your house.

Where do molds usually grow?

Molds only two things to thrive and multiply —- damp and humid environment and permeable objects. With this, the following areas in your home make it the perfect breeding ground for molds.

How molds damage your home?

Once molds are attached to a specific area or part of your house, it starts to eat away the material of its host; causing it to weaken. A weakened foundation of the house should be dealt with right away, or else it may collapse or result in a more costly repair.

Early detection is the best solution to deal with molds in your house. Here are the sneaky signs that molds may be growing inside your home.

-The nasty smell coming from your heating and cooling systems

-Discoloration or dark spots forming on the wall and ceiling

-Triggered allergies and respiratory condition

-Musty odors that seem to linger in the air

-Itchiness and sneezing that doesn’t go away

How to deal with molds in your home?

Molds may be microscopic, but they are also tough to deal with. They can’t be removed with simple cleaning using soap and water. It is important to note that where there are molds, there is also a source of moisture. Deal with water leaks right away, no matter how minor the problem is. For significant water damage in Newhall , calling water damage professionals is the best option.

It is also crucial to call a professional mold remediation company when you spot molds in your house. The good thing about hiring professional services is that they have the proper equipment in dealing with molds. They can altogether remove mold out of your home and even get to its source.