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Water damage is both a structural and physical challenge for homeowners. It is a serious health threat if left for long periods due to the potential buildup of mold and bacteria. However, since they happen behind your walls, occupants aren’t aware of the most common early signs of water damage, which prevents them from addressing the problem as quickly as possible. Water damage warning signs include:

Bubbling Paint

Check your walls for bubbling paint. Bubbling paint means moisture is seeping into the walls. The moisture stretches the color before it bursts. If you notice bubbles in your paint, leave them alone—you may still have an active water leak, and you do not want to push the water further into your walls.

Color Streaks

If you notice yellow, brown, or white streaks or spots on the walls, water damage could have happened before. However, it isn’t always because of water damage in Sangus. Sometimes, these streaks point to a problem that repeats itself every time it rains.

Cracked Walls

Many homes have drywall or plaster on their walls and ceilings. If these materials begin to crack, you may need to call a professional to determine if water damage causes cracks. If cracks exist, toxic mold infestations may also exist. Toxic mold can make the occupants of the home ill.

Increased Water Bills Despite Regular Usage

If you notice sudden, unplanned increases in your water bills, you may have a water leak and damage to your walls. Leaks can occur for several reasons, including slow drips at pipe junctions, broken pipes, or leaky faucets. To catch leaks early on, check the faucets for drips and ensure all pipes are securely fastened. If a pipe bursts in cold weather, it can cause a considerable increase in your water bill.


Mold is visible and can be dangerous when it grows in your home, and it can be toxic to your health. It can start as a nearly invisible brown or black spot on your walls. Even if the mold cannot be seen, it can still make you sick, so it’s best to call in the pros. 

Soft Walls

Some walls will crack, while other divisions might start to soften. If you push on a soft border, it may leave an indentation or a hand-sized hole.

Running Water behind Walls

If you hear water in your bathroom is delayed, you may have a leaky pipe. It could be a slow leak or sound like rushing water. A dripping sound late at night is a strong indicator of a leaking pipe.

The Scent of Moisture

The mildew odor can signify water damage in Sangus, and mold can follow. The musty, damp scent you feel near the walls that have sustained water damage indicates this. The odor will most likely appear before water spots appear on your walls.

Wet Spots

Water damage can often be spotted by dark spots, which appear within 24 hours of the damage as a sign of very recent water intrusion. Even after spotting the dark spots, a professional may be needed to find the point of origin.