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While these signs will clue you in as to whether you have mold in your home or not, you can never know for sure until you do a professional mold inspection and testing. Remember that once you see these signs, it is an invitation to book the next appointment with a mold detector in Saugus ,

1. Paint Bubbles

Mold growth requires moisture and paint bubbles on your wall are one sure sign of water damage. The bubbling or cracking of the paint on your wall is never something you should ignore. It usually means that you have had some sort of flooding or water leakage around that area.

The presence of moisture trapped behind the paint makes the pockets of air (bubbles) a suitable place for mold to grow. Whenever you notice this sign, you should call for professional help. You might be lucky to have noticed the bubbles early before mold starts in Saugus to grow. Either way, professionals will help keep you safe.

2. Improper Bathroom Ventilation

That draft you feel whenever you enter your bathroom might be doing more damage than you know. Mold needs a certain level of humidity to grow. If your bathroom or other tight areas of your house like the closet have a bad ventilation system, you might have unwittingly started growing mold.

If you have had the problem of poor ventilation for a while in an area like the bathroom where there is abundant moisture, you might need a professional. A mold inspection would help you know if there is any mold. And mold remediation in Sauguswould help you take care of the problem if one exists.

3. Spongy Floor

If your floor suddenly feels weird like it is slippery or spongy, you might be dealing with mold growth. A flood that is not properly taken care of can soak into your floor, as with other similar water damage. The major problem is not even in the soaked water which can weaken your house structure.

The bigger problem is the mold growth feeding off the moisture. This problem is one of the reasons why it’s always important to have professionals deal with any sort of water damage. Your attempt without specialized tools or methods only creates a bigger problem. When you have a spongy floor, call for professional help.

4. Musty Smell

Mold has a nasty smell that is easy to recognize. If you have been perceiving strange odors but don’t recognize the source, it might be mold. Mold has a distinct smell that you can’t miss. It is like an old damp cloth rotting in a closet. You don’t want this smell around you, your children, and your pets.

It’s not only about the smell though. It’s about the dangers that this mold causes. Therefore, you need to find the mold and remedy the situation. But, you can’t do that properly yourself. Mold has a way of hiding in hard places but with mold detection equipment, you can find it.

Now, you know the signs to watch out for to detect mold in your home. What do you do after you notice any of these signs?

What’s Next?

The next step after discovering a sign of mold in your house is to find the best mold detector – an expert who knows what they are doing. Yes, there are a lot of DIY articles on how to detect mold, how to test for mold, and even remove it. These articles do not tell you about the specialized equipment and training needed to detect mold.

More than the equipment and experience, professionals can help you carry out a toxic mold test. This test would help you know how dangerous the mold is. You won’t have to expose yourself and your family to unnecessary risks by doing it yourself.

The best choice is to get a professional mold detection service in Saugus.

A professional service has all it takes to detect mold and remove it in no time. Mold remediation service would also help you restore your home to an ideal state. These skilled professionals have proven methods that would help them find the mold in less time than you would.

You also have the assurance that you won’t find another mold growth soon. But you need the best mold detection service in Saugus for this quality assurance.