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When it comes to flooding in Valencia, your basement is the most vulnerable point in your home. It’s the lowest, making it the prime space for water. That’s why so many homeowners invest in a sump pump. When working right, a sump pump is designed to bring in all that excess water and force it from your home through the discharge line. Of course, that whole setup is reliant on the sump pump working correctly. It’s a plumbing system which means occasional maintenance is a must.

If you want to avoid a flooded basement, now is the time to schedule sump pump cleanup and maintenance. Consider it an investment in your home.

Sump Pump Maintenance is a Must

The most effective way to prevent basement water damage or flooding is via a sump pump. After all, you can’t spend all your time in the basement. It’s unreasonable to think you would catch every leak imaginable.

A sump pump will collect the excess water from around your home and pump it out once the basin fills up. If the sump pump is not in working order, the basin will fill up as usual but won’t stop. All that water will eventually seep over the top of the sump pit and start flooding in Valencia the basement slowly.

Here are a few sump pump maintenance tips to keep everything in working order.

Preventing a Sump Pump Overflow

It is not uncommon for a sump pump to malfunction. Even a minor malfunction can lead to an overflow, as continued rainfall will accumulate in the sump pit over time.

Keeping Your Family Safe During High Waters and After They Subside in Valencia