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Planning for natural disasters can be an impossible task. A flood in Granada Hills, wildfire, or tornado can strike when you least expect it. Burst water pipes or sewer line breaks can be catastrophic. Water damage can seem impossible to overcome.

That’s why Restoration 1 of Springfield is available 24/7.

Be Smart and Plan Ahead

A natural disaster in Springfield can strike at any time. The best defense is having a plan and then taking action. There is no better way to begin damage repair than by being organized, so a moment is not wasted.

Steps to Take to Get Your Springfield Business Up and Running

When disaster strikes, you need your damage assessed by qualified restoration specialists. Water damage in Granada Hills is especially challenging. It doesn’t just destroy structures – it destroys personal property too.

Before a disaster occurs, it is crucial to have emergency plans. Here are some strategies:

1. Documentation of Property

You should have all your property documented and listed with your insurance company. This produces a faster response when natural disasters take place. If disasters occur, photograph damage in Granada Hills property and share it with your insurance company. 

This will invite a timelier response, especially when you need immediate financial assistance.

2. Organization of Financial Records 

Most businesses now keep electronic records and payroll. They are easier to restore than paper copies if water damage occurs. It is also wise to back up electronic files to a cloud service or even CDs.  

3. Detailed Employee Emergency Plan 

An overall game plan for employees helps with safety and continuity. Is there a designated place to meet? Who is in charge if you are not there? Is everybody’s contact information current and organized?

Keeping information current and updated creates a sense of leadership, which makes a difference when emergencies occur.



The Small Business Administration reports that 25% of small businesses that experience a natural disaster do not reopen. Your chances of successfully surviving a natural disaster are higher when you plan for it. 

Here are some things you will want to do before contacting a water damage specialist:

A natural disaster can turn your whole world around, but that doesn’t mean your world should stop. Emergency planning helps tremendously in putting the pieces back together.

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