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As hurricane season comes flying in, all the swirling weather reports bring with them flooding in Newhall rains and storm damage. And, since these disasters are becoming more and more likely, it’s essential that businesses smarten up about their pre-storm prep. Does your company have an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Planning for hurricane season and other potential disasters can be stressful. At Restoration 1, we offer businesses the service of putting together a plan for when a disaster hits. Not only will an Emergency Preparedness Plan help by lessening potential storm damage, but it will help lead the process of planning appropriate measures for your business from start to finish. 

Why Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Preventative Steps to Take

When the Hurricane is on its Way


Choose Restoration 1 to help your business come up with an Emergency Preparedness Plan or to mitigate storm damage and put you on a speedy path to recovery after a problem arises. 

Since rain is often your number one problem after a hurricane has hit, the water damage experts at Restoration 1 are your best bet. There is no way to perform safe and successful water restoration without training. And, with all the expenses of water damage restoration remediation, it does not pay to do it yourself.

There is no substitute for professional restoration experts. It may be possible to restore some of the storm damage on your own – but the bigger problems are better left to the experts.

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