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Flood damage in Granada Hills to your home may stem from groundwater, leaking appliances or rainwater. Whatever the cause, dealing with flood damage cleanup is not a solo job. You want to bring in certified technicians to handle the matter. For that, your local Restoration 1 is the top choice. It takes advanced restoration equipment to remove flood waters and end contamination.

When it comes to significant water damage — like flooding — you’re on the clock. You have less than 48 hours to clean the mess. After that, black mold is prevalent.

Best Practices During the First 24 Hours Following the Flood

For the best results, aim to reverse flood damage within the first 24 hours. By this time, you’ll have eliminated any chance of mold growth and put a stop to contamination.

Plumbing, Flash Flood or Natural Disaster — Invading Waters Should Receive Similar Treatment

Plumbing leaks, flash floods and natural disasters can be more similar than most people think. They all can result in significant water damage and contamination. It’s the contamination that poses a problem to your home and health.

You’ll find 24-hour flood damage cleanup from your local Restoration 1 at any hour. Give us a call today at the first sign of trouble from rainwater, an appliance leak or worse.

What to Do If Your House Floods in Granada Hills